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Assignment - Jonathan's assignment work and availability
Contact Information
Photography - Examples of Jonathan's Photography
Stock Photography - Underwater Stock Photography Information page
Image Search - Search for images in Jonathan's stock library
Image Browse - Browse images in Jonathan's stock library
Slide Show - Approximately 70 underwater images in a slide-like presentation
Caribbean Slide Show - About 30 images from just the Caribbean in a slide presentation
Jonathan Bird Collection - High quality photographic prints for home display

Publishing - Jonathan's publishing credits and published work for sale

Great White Shark Poster - A fine-art lithograph by Jonathan Bird
Sharks: Monograohs - Jonathan's newest shark book
Beneath the North Atlantic - The coffee-table book by Jonathan Bird
Shadows and Light - Jonathan's new black and white art book
Adventures with Sharks - A photographic adventure book about Jonathan's work with sharks.
Dominica: Land of Water - A photographic book about the island of Dominica.

Video - Jonathan's video and television work

Stock Video/footage - Underwater Stock Footage/Video Information page
Video Search - Search for footage in Jonathan's stock library
Video Browse - Browse footage in Jonathan's stock library
Jonathan Bird's Blue World - An Emmy Award-winning family series about the underwater world airing on public television in the USA.
Secrets of the Reef - A feature length film about life on a coral reef.
Sharks: The Real Story
Beneath the North Atlantic
Sharks: Search for a Feeding Frenzy
Endangered Mermaids
The Silent Wrecks
O.R.G. Educational Films - Twelve films produced just for education in the classroom

CV - Jonathan's curriculum vitae
Underwater Photo Tips
Trip Reports - Past dive adventures for your reading pleasure
Dive Adventures with Jonathan Bird. Join Jonathan diving around the world!


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