Shadows and Light

A Photographic Exploration of the Seas in Black and White

Shadows and Light

Jonathan Bird's new work of black and white underwater photography shows the sea in a new way using an old technique. Without color, the textures, moods and subtle shadows of the ocean come through in an amazing way. This book is 80 pages, soft cover, with 73 images. Printed on high quality paper with lacquer coating throughout, it is sure to make a wonderful gift for the ocean lover in your life.


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"This is some fabulous work. There's something very magical and alive about these images. Wow!"
--Steve Mehan, Art Director, Alert Diver Magazine

"Photographer Jonathan Bird has a unique and exciting vision of underwater photography. His extremely creative use of black and white transforms this wondrous art form from a riot of intense color into a symphony of pure shape, composition and tone. The book contains 73 captivating images of lonely shipwrecks, curious whales and playful dolphins that expertly showcase this photographer's talent. Bird provides a totally different look at what lies beneath the waves, so don't miss out on this book."
-Shutterbug Magazine, Feb, 2004

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You can order directly from Jonathan (and get it signed) with a credit card through PayPal, a credit card service bureau. It's fast, secure and reliable: $19.95 plus shipping. Please note: we only ship books to the USA. International shipping has become too expensive.

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A note about signing: Jonathan is more than happy to "custom" sign books. Just add a note in the comments box when you place your order. Please be aware that his frequent travel schedule means that if you require a certain message in the book, it may take up to three weeks to ship depending on whether he is in the office or not.

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