A photographic exploration of the island of Dominica by Jonathan Bird

Dominica: Land of Water

From the rainforests, waterfalls and hundreds of rivers and streams, to the blue Caribbean Sea, Dominica is truly a land of water. In this amazing photographic exploration of Dominica, author Jonathan Bird takes readers on a journey from the cloudy mountain peaks at almost 5,000 feet to the depths of the blue ocean just offshore. The Commonwealth of Dominica (not to be confused with the Dominican Republic) is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled islands in the Caribbean. Bird, though a native of the United States, considers Dominica his second home and has traveled to Dominica dozens of times to photograph the stunning scenery above and below the waves.


Dominica: Land of Water is a limited edition (2,500 copies) 9" x 9" square format full-color glossy soft-cover book printed on high quality paper. It has 96 pages and 90 photographs both above and below the water.

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"Absolutely fabulous!" -Sharon Pascal, Director of Tourism, Dominica

"Dominica: Land of Water just crossed my desk and it really made my day-- taking me away to a beautiful, colorful place that soothed my eyes and refreshed my soul. Wonderful work!"
-Steve Mehan, Art Director, DAN Communications and Alert Diver Magazine

"Jonathan Bird's book Dominica: Land of Water is the result of many trips to the island and the images he has captured are excellent. Half the book is surface shots and half underwater, and it confirms that Dominica is one of those rare places where both habitats are pristine. The lush tropical rain forests compete with the dazzling underwater colours to provide a complete natural package. For anyone who has visited Dominica this book is the ideal reminder, and for those who have yet to visit, this book confirms it should the the next place you should go."
-Peter Rowlands, Underwater Photography Magazine

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