An underwater journey with photographer and naturalist Jonathan Bird

Adventures With Sharks

In this exciting photographic journey, underwater photographer Jonathan Bird shares his adventures and discoveries photographing sharks around the world. From the aggressive Gray Reef sharks of the tropical Pacific to the shy and elusive Basking sharks of the frigid Bay of Fundy, Bird details the thrills, dangers and disappointments of working with wild sharks in the open ocean. Accompanied by more than one hundred vivid color photographs, Adventures With Sharks is an uncommonly fun to read mixture of science, adventure and stunning photographs. 144 pages, hard cover on glossy stock. Published by Best Publishing.


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"Reading this book is better than a Discovery Channel documentary! It is a technically accurate yet light-hearted portrayal of these marine creatures."
-Sources Magazine

"[The pictures] are exceptional, pin-sharp and mostly taken with the shark coming head on and very close....the shark info panels are just long enough to read without your attention fading."
-Diver Magazine

"Using a lighthearted and accessible style, Bird introduces various types of sharks and shares some of the adventures he experienced while photographing them in oceans around the world. More than 100 high quality color photographs of sharks accompany the text. "
-SciTech Book News


Order this book on the Jonathan Bird's Blue World page.

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