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Jonathan Bird Productions maintains a stock video archive consisting of thousands of hours of footage. We have been shooting in 4K since early 2014, HD since 2006 and represent the entire Jonathan Bird's Blue World video collection. Most of our library consists of marine life/underwater footage from all over the world. We specialize in marine life, shot on location, of creatures in their natural habitats. We also have a large collection of wreck, reef, invertebrate and "environmental" imagery, as well as above water images of all of the regions we have visited for underwater work. Sharks and marine mammals are a specialty.

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The Basics
You may search for clips and download the web-resolution versions for use in off-line editing. Once you have decided what clips you are going to license for your production, contact us. Here is our rate sheet. We will send high-resolution versions of the clips you have selected once the order is paid. (With our regular clients, a purchase order number is fine and we will invoice you.) International orders must always be paid in advance. (Sorry for the inconvenience, this is due to previous difficulty in being paid). We invoice for the full resolution clips delivered, regardless of whether they are used in the final production.

We deliver footage only via ftp/HighTail. We no longer ship physical media.

Image Formats
Most of our footage is currently captured in UHD 4K/60p**. Most of our HD library is 1080/60i. Our SD footage was shot in NTSC 480/60i. We also shoot some RED 6K footage. Although there is little demand for SD footage anymore, we have some rare material in the library that is still in demand. However, we are not planning to add any more SD to the on-line search.

Please note that our entire library is not available on-line due to the vast amount of material. We are in the process of creating hundreds of new clips for our on-line search from hundreds of hours of footage. If you can't find what you need, please feel free to drop us a line. We also have a YouTube channel of stock footage.

How does our search engine work?
You can use our search engine in many ways by searching by common name, general category, location, film format, region etc. Our archive includes sharks, whales, dolphins, coral reefs, divers, invertebrates, etc. Take a look!

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**Why do we shoot in 60p? There are several great reasons:

1. We find that 60p footage looks amazing for wildlife documentaries. It is much more life-like than 24p and 30p, which are formats better suited for drama.

2. 60p has a clean, integer conversion to both 30p (2:1) and 24p (5:2 via reverse 3/2 pulldown) so it is a great "common denominator" format for stock footage.

3. 60p produces very smooth slow motion in either 24p (40% speed) or 30p (50% speed).

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Greenland Shark

Leopard Seal

Beluga Whale

Atlantic Wolffish

Barracuda School

Lion's Mane Jelly

Blue Shark

Tiger Shark


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