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Jonathan Bird Productions maintains a stock photo archive of over 30,000 images. Our library is primarily composed of marine life/underwater photographs from all over the world. We specialize in marine life images, shot on location, of creatures in their natural habitats. We also have a large collection of wreck, reef, invertebrate and scuba diver images, as well as above water images of all of the regions we have visited for underwater work. Sharks and marine mammals are a specialty.

Any of the photographs seen anywhere on the Jonathan Bird web page are available. Click the link below to begin searching for images with our advanced search engine.

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Jonathan Bird's stock photo service caters mostly to the print industry--book, calendar and magazine publishers. We also frequently license images to museums (for exhibits) and even television productions.

The Basics
Because of the cost of running a stock business, we have a minimum license fee of $100 per image. License fees are a function of use, and must be quoted on an individual basis. For example, for a magazine use, how large will the image be reproduced? Will it be on the cover? Will it be printed in two places such as in the table of contents and in an article? What is the circulation of the magazine? We rely on standard industry rates to quote our image prices. We do not charge a research fee for most requests.

Individual or Home Use of Artwork
We do sell original prints for display. They are signed originals made with great care. We have a price list on-line.

Web use of images
We will license the rights to use our images on web pages at low resolution (no larger than 1024x768). We will allow larger usage under certain conditions. Contact us for more information. Pricing will vary on use but is still subject to a $100/year minimum. We do not give away the use of our images for free. Please do not ask. We support several non-profit organizations of our choice and we cannot afford to allow further use of our work for free. None of our images may be used without our express written permission. Theft of copyrighted material is a crime and we will vigilantly pursue all copyright violations of our work.

Foreign Licensing
We tend to be very careful when licensing images for use outside of the U.S. because of previous difficulty in obtaining payment. All foreign payments must be delivered in U.S. funds or deposited directly into our account via wire transfer. Payment must be made before final image delivery.

Image Format
Most of our originals are either digitally acquired (10+ Megapixel) or 35 mm slide film, although we have some material on 645 medium format. Our submissions are entirely made electronically via FTP. We do not send out original film images except under extraordinary circumstances.

Electronic image delivery
All image delivery is now digital. We can deliver quality, calibrated scans of our 35 mm originals in native (uninterpolated) file sizes up to about 100 Mb TIFF. We can also make digital submissions of jpeg images for image selection by e-mail, web-posting (lightbox feature) or ftp. We have a broadband internet connection and we can deliver scans to clients quickly.

If this seems complicated, it really isn't. We get many calls from people who are not familiar with the stock photo business, and it makes life simpler if the basics are posted here. We look forward to serving you! For pricing and photo inquiries, please feel free to e-mail Jonathan Bird: You must type this e-mail address into your browswer, this is an image of the e-mail address (not "clickable") and this is done to reduce spam.

Please note that our entire library is not available on-line due to the vast amount of material. Please try our powerful image search engine. If you don't see what you need, drop us a line. It may not be scanned yet. We are in the process of scanning thousands of images and honestly I don't think we will ever finish!

How does our search engine work?
You can use our search engine in many ways by searching by common name, general category, taxonomic nomenclature, location, region etc. Then you can save your images in a "lightbox" that you can return to at anytime. You can even e-mail the link to your lightbox to someone else to look at. Our archive includes sharks, whales, dolphins, coral reefs, divers, invertebrates, etc. Take a look!

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Great White Shark

Beluga Whale

Soft Coral on Reef

Gray Seal Pup

Sand Tiger Shark

Humpback whale mother and calf

Human remains in shipwreck

Sperm whale calf

Queen Angelfish

Corsair airplane wreck

Bottlenosed Dolphins

Atlantic Wolffish

Diver on reef

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