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Wildlife Monographs - Sharks

Since the release of the film Jaws, the shark has suffered from an unfair and grossly exaggerated reputation. Reviled or feared as a man-eater, sharks have been relegated to the category of monster in many people's minds. In fact, this couldn't be further from the truth. Sharks are highly evolved animals just trying to survive. They are no more dangerous to people than any large predator, like a lion or a bear, and statistically pose almost no threat to people.

Sharks have amazing senses that biologists do not fully understand, and powerful immune systems that might teach humankind how to defeat many diseases. We stand to learn much from sharks, and they deserve our respect and admiration. In addition, sharks serve an important role in ocean ecosystems at the top of the food chain. Without them to prey upon the sick and weak, other populations of animals in the ocean might overgrow their food resources and even lose their evolutionary impetus.

Sadly, sharks are being killed at record levels, both for their fins and as by-catch. Ironically, very few cultures actually eat sharks. With their low reproductive rate and long gestation period, sharks are among the slowest fishes to reproduce, making them highly susceptible to overfishing. Wildlife Monographs - Sharks provides a fascinating look into the lives of sharks in the hope that readers might be motivated to be a part of the growing movement to protect the endangered shark populations around the world.

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Wildlife Monographs - Sharks is a full-color glossy soft-cover book (8.25" x 10.25") printed on high quality heavy-stock paper. It has 96 pages and over 100 photographs of sharks and rays.



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