In August, 2002, I chartered the Sere Ni Wai, now called the Fiji Aggressor II for a 7 day excursion to the islands of Fiji for excellent diving and an underwater photography course. A few of the shots are up. The full "trip report "with pictures appeared as an 8 page story in Sport Diver Magazine. It's the cover story of the Nov/Dec 2002 issue, so get a copy!

Meanwhile, here are a few pictures from the trip.

Our intrepid group (L to R): Dave, Al, Jonathan, Moses, Peter, Carl and Daniel.


A beautiful Fijian coral reef. This is "Ron's Delight" at Makogai Island.

A Leaf Scorpionfish does a pretty good job of looking like a leaf!

A Blue Ribbon Eel, the world's coolest-looking moray!

A Harlequin Ghost Pipefish only an inch long.

A Lyretail Basslet, one of the more common small fishes seen around Fijian reefs.

This reef really blew me away!

A Longnose Hawkfish.

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