Jeff and Barry prove that wetsuits and drysuits can live harmoniously together.


Check out some of Barry's pictures from the weekend.

Wendy and Scott got the award for traveling the furthest (from NJ) for the weekend.

The group enters the water at Woody Beach at high tide.

Jacki is feeling refreshed after a thrilling dive!

Janet and Christine ready for a wall dive at Deer Island.

Jonathan and Gator showing off rebreather technology in Eastport! Gotta love that warm rebreather air in the cold water.

Our intrepid group from Sept 6-9 boarding the Sea Wife for some awesome wall diving at Deer Island! Where else can you dive from an authentic scallop dragger? Low tide is a bummer though...all the gear has to go back up that ramp after the dive!

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Last Update 9/16/02