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Wildlife Monographs - Dolphins

Perhaps no other sea creature captivates and delights us as does the dolphin. Humans and dolphins have been intertwined in culture, myth and folklore since nearly the beginning of civilization. Dolphins appear on coins, pottery, statues and even cave walls in many cultures from all over the world and throughout recorded history. Stories about dolphins saving the lives of sailors and swimmers appear regularly throughout recorded history. In ancient Greece, it was illegal to harm a dolphin. Clearly, we humans believe that there is something special about dolphins. Dolphins are highly evolved and social animals, communicating to each other through their own language of clicks and whistles, engaging in elaborate courtship rituals, and even playing games with each other that they invent. Their obvious curiosity about the world around them even extends to humans, with whom they sometimes interact, if only for a few minutes of entertainment.

But all is not well in the world of the dolphin. Pollution and toxins threaten their habitat, humans kill them for food in many cultures, and their intelligence and ability to be trained has made them prime targets for exploitation. Yet through it all, a dolphin maintains its transfixed wry smile that hides its true emotions from all but its own kind.




Wildlife Monographs - Dolphins is a full-color glossy soft-cover book (8.25" x 10.25") printed on high quality heavy-stock paper. It has 96 pages and over 100 photographs of dolphins and porpoises.




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