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Creatures of the Deep Blue

Creatures of the Deep Blue is Jonathan's exciting new book about the big animals of the world's oceans. For almost 20 years, Jonathan has been photographing whales, sharks, dolphins and other underwater megafauna around the world in his pursuit of amazing images and experiences. For the first time, his favorite images to date are all available in one place: this incredible hard-cover book! From Sperm whales to Spotted dolphins, Tiger sharks to Tasselled Wobbegongs, Sea Turtles to Sea serpents, it's all here in 132 pages of images and stories about Jonathan's adventures underwater.

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Creatures of the Deep Blue is a full-color glossy hard-cover book (8.5" x 10.25") printed on high quality heavy-stock paper. It has 132 pages and almost 200 photographs of sharks, rays, whales, dolphins, sea turtles, manatees and more.



"It is obvious Jonathan Bird has a passion for his job, and what a job.

He travels the globe photographing the incredible underwater world. His subjects range from the tiniest of turtles in the Galapagos to awe-inspiring, gigantic sperm whales that spend 90 per cent of their lives in the abyss, rarely surfacing.

The pictures are accompanied by detailed and entertaining text giving information on the creatures. It also offers an insight into the problems that have to be faced in order to get photographs in what are quite often, to say the least, challenging circumstances.

These include a flashgun not firing when he was presented with an opportunity to get the first-ever image of a live oarfish in the Bahamas and being almost fatally attacked while photographing sharks in the Marshall Islands.

The author's passion for the subject is infectious and over the 129 pages, I was not only entertained but also found that I had learned much about this hidden world."

-Mark Radford, Coventry Telegraph


"A stunning photographic guide to the largest and most magnificent animals that live in our oceans, from gentle manatees to predatory sharks. Underwater photographer Jonathan Bird leads you on a marine safari and introduces you to a variety of impressive species--such as whales that dwarf a school bus."

-BBC Wildlife


"A Fresh Take on Marine Life Photography:
Jonathan Bird is a professional underwater cinematographer and photographer specialising in large marine animals, and in Creatures of the Deep Blue, it shows.

The author has concentrated on just a few species: sharks and rays, whales and dolphins, seals and sea lions, manatees, and sea turtles. The tricky task is finding new ways to shoot the same subject, but Bird has accomplished this with ease--the sheer variety of images is impressive. The close-up shot of a grey reef shark eye is a perfect example.

Bird helps to bring each section alive with an account of how he managed to photograph each animal. His search for sperm whales in Dominica is just how I recall the experience on the island last year, bar actually entering the water with the huge animals. Judging by the phenomenal shots, it looks like swimming with the whales was an unforgettable experience."

-Martin Bruce, Sport Diver Magazine UK


"You lookin' at me then? A bottlenose dolphin has a look at the lens of ace underwater snapper Bird in one of many stunning images in this quite amazing safari in the world's seas and oceans.

Bird's book is an enthralling journey, with an intimate look at some of the most wonderful creatures you're ever likely to see."

-Manchester Evening News UK


"`It was noon and I was already on my third tank of the day. We had no cage, no protection, bait all around us and more sharks than I could possibly hope to keep an eye on at once. For some people this would be a nightmare. For me - heaven.'

This is how Jonathan Bird, author of Creatures of the Deep Blue, describes how he came to take a stunning picture of 25 of the ocean's biggest predators, including five tiger sharks, in the Bahamas. The Emmy Award-winning photographer has made over 20 films for broadcast, published articles and images in hundreds of magazines, and written six books on underwater photography in his long-standing career, but his passion for large marine animals is undiminished.

It speaks from every beautiful blue photograph on the book's 132 pages.

Creatures of the Deep Blue takes the reader on an underwater safari, it's pages dominated by group shots or close ups of animals ordinary people would never dream of being able to get close to. There are sharks, rays, whales, dolphins, seals, turtles and most fascinating, the elusive and majestic West Indian manatees.

In a lively narrative, Bird also recounts his adventures and encounters with these giants of the oceans but, thankfully, these are kept to a minimum so as not to distract from his enthralling photographs.

A book that brings out the underwater explorer in anyone - all you need now is your flippers, snorkel and maybe a chain mail body suit."

-Jenny Laue,

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