A sea turtle searches the reef for a mate. A hermit crab hunts for a new shell. A reef fish is on the prowl for a meal. Secrets of the Reef is an immersion into the metropolis of a Pacific coral reef as seen through the lives of these three animals. Their struggle for survival is set against a backdrop of incredible beauty and color, and includes dozens of other animals each going about their daily life on the reef. From the tiny, but deadly, blue-ringed octopus to the largest fish in the world, the whale shark, the lives of all the members of the coral reef community are intertwined. But all is not well in paradise. An unseen threat to the reef community approaches closer by the day--a threat bigger than any they have seen before. The film culminates in a surprising and sobering ending that makes a bold statement about reef conservation.

Secrets of the Reef is a full-length documentary by the Emmy Award-winning team behind Jonathan Bird's Blue World. Filmed entirely on location in HD, the film crew completed more than 1,000 dives over two years in five locations, capturing almost 100 hours of footage to create this 58 minute epic tale of survival. Secrets of the Reef is a captivating and stunningly photographed film that will enthrall viewers of all ages.

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